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Like Old Times 3

2022-10-20 00:51:15

From Mike's perspective...

John and I were finding special times together. I'd always thought that men could find physical intimacy to be fulfilling, but never saw myself in that role. But I was slowly starting to feel a closeness that I hadn't felt in a long time. Not that I didn't find women attractive and enjoy their company. I guess I had to admit that I was truly bi. But here and now, my situation was with another man, and I was truly enjoying his company, both socially and sexually.

Friday nights we went to Molly's for a fish fry. This week, when we had a quiet moment, I told him that I had an idea to try. He gave me a raised eyebrow, as if to say, "You mean...", and I said, no, not especially interested in that, but I'll tell you on the way to your place. He paused and said, "There's something I have to fill you in on, too." Hmmm.

We didn't hang around long after we finished dinner and our beers. On the walk to his place, he asked me what my idea was. "Have you ever crotch fucked?" John said, "Maybe a couple of times. It seemed to work best for me, 'cause my buds had little dicks. But hey, we both should be big enough to make it work...". I reached over and gave his ass cheek a squeeze, then we walked quietly for a bit.

"So what was it you wanted to tell me about?"

John started, "Did you ever see my neighbor Cathy?"

"Tallish lady, trim, maybe early 60s, right?"

"That's her. Well I was going out to get the garbage can the other day, and she was getting her mail and said hi. We chatted about this and that for a minute or two, when I mentioned you came over to watch the game. She asked if the red truck was yours and I said yes." John paused then, and I gave him a 'so what then?' look, and he continued. "She said that I might want to be more careful about closing my curtains."

"Shit" I said. "Is she pissed?"

"Well, no, actually. I apologized and said I'd be mindful of it in the future. Then she surprised me by saying that I didn't have to on her account." Now I was surprised. John continued, "I asked, 'You don't mind?' and she said, actually she really enjoyed the show."

"Holy fuck."

"Yeah. Well, I told her I'd ask you if you minded..."

I thought about that for a few seconds. Voyeurism isn't something I'd done in the past, but the idea tickled my curiosity - and my dick. Then I thought of the possibilities, and told John, "Hey, let's run with it and see where it goes. It might lead to something very interesting."

"My thoughts exactly," said John.

In a few minutes, we reached John's house. Once on the way, when we were away from streetlights, we grabbed a quick kiss and feel. John was already hard, and I wasn't far off. At the front door, John left on the hallway light. It faced Cathy's house, and he thought it might be a signal that she should keep her eyes peeled.

John and I wasted no time. I was ready for some sex and he sure seemed the same way. We went right to his bedroom that faced Cathy's house and turned on the light. Then he closed the curtains partway, but we went to the end of the bed with a line of sight from Cathy's window. John knelt down and loosened my pants, then pulled them down. My dick was hard and ready, and left a huge lump in my underwear. He turned me so that I wasin profile to the view from the window, and slowly took down my underwear; when they got so far, my rod sprung out from the top, pointing right at John's face. He reached around back and felt my butt with one hand, and began sliding the other up and down my cock. This was doing a job on me, I started pulsing in his hands.

"John, I want to see your meat." He reached down with one hand and unzipped, then reached into his pants and pulled it out the top. I could see it poking out, the head pulsing and his cock throbbing in place. I'm sure the view from the outside showed us both in our erect glory, waiting for act 2 to begin.

And so it did. With one of his hands still on his cock and the other on my ass, he leaned forward and licked my head, then took it into his mouth, slowly sliding down the length until his nose was almost in my pubes. The sensation was stellar, I could feel his lips around my shaft and his tongue rubbing on my underside. He kept it up for minutes, then I reached down and wrapped my hand around his cock, enjoying the hardness while I slid up and down on it. This was making me higher and higher, adn I felt my cum rising up, and up... "John, I'm... I'm... " He took his head off, and i went off the end - the feeling sent me over the top. I saw stars, I almost blacked out - and I squirted gobs of cum on his neck and chest!

I slowly came down, and went to my knees in front of John's crotch. He hadn't forgotten my idea; scooping up my cum and standing me back up, he wiped my jism all over his big hard cock. He stood up and approached me, then slid my softening cock aside and nestled his lubed rod under my balls. I moved my legs together, and cound feel his head rubbing on the insides of my legs. "God that feels good, Mike" he said. I squeezed my thighs together as hard as I could, which was doing the trick on him. "Crap, this is so good. It's..." I reached his ass and started pulling him into me, and he got the rhythm and we were pumping together. John was losing it, I could hear his breathing coming in gasps, and he started to moan and pump my crotch hard. "Oh God Mike, Oh, ...AHHHHH" and with one last lunge, his hard cock throbbed between my legs, and I could feel his jism running down my legs. I stood and laid back on the bed, just for Cathy to see.

For just a second or two, the light came on in Cathy's window. Getting the mail was going to be interesting tomorrow.