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Violation of Privacy

2022-11-06 14:32:08

Violation of Privacy

by bistander

A bar of light cutting across the dark hallway suggested someone might already be in the bathroom, but I didn’t wait by my bedroom door. Did I hope to see something or someone? No, I told myself, I would only get close enough to know for sure. If the door was ajar, it was unlikely anyone would be in there, not in the middle of the night. They certainly wouldn’t be doing something they didn’t want me to see.

I got close enough to hear a splashing sound, but was it because of something they didn’t want me to see? It would be rude, a violation of privacy, and something I knew I wasn’t supposed to do, but I kept going toward the light, and that noise.

The sound of water hitting water seemed loud enough to be a garden hose aimed at the toilet. I got scared at the last second and walked past, trying not to look, but my breath caught and my pace faltered. Move, keep going, don’t look, I told myself. It had only been in my peripheral vision, so my eyes must have played a trick on me. I eased back and turned my head. The flap of his boxers was stretched open, straining to hold up the man’s dick. It curved downward, pouring a thick, powerful stream of golden fluid into the toilet. At that moment, there was still time to move away; he hadn’t seen me. I could have prevented what was going to happen to me. All I had to do was keep walking, but I couldn’t.

It was fascinating and frightening. My guts twisted, my face got hot, a strange feeling made me dizzy, and thoughts filled my mind. They were bad, perverse imaginations, I knew that. My mother had told me, warned me, promised, and threaten Hellfire and brimstone back when I was in high school. Billy and I had just been comparing our boners, nothing more. That is unless she could have read my mind. Not that I’d ever have done any of what I thought; that was taboo.

I need to move on, and avoid being caught, but I was frozen, breathing hard with my eyes locked on the dick. He didn’t give it a couple of quick shakes. The man’s hand moved down, tugged once, twice, and a third time before his thumb pressed into the purple knob and rubbed out to the dripping tip. I still hadn’t been seen, so it wasn’t too late to run away, but I kept on watching. His hand pulled more length and girth into the shaft. The size confused my brain the way funhouse mirrors would. Nobody can have a cock that big, I thought.

It straightened and jerked upward against its weight. What was he doing, I wondered? Was it possible I’d get to see that thing fully erect, and him stroking it until a load of cum splattered the wall behind the toilet? His expression made me wonder if he had seen me peeking? I eased out of the bar of light into the darkness, then rushed back to my room and jumped under the covers. What would he do if he knew I watched him? Would he tell all the other guys I was a queer pervert who liked to spy when someone was taking a piss?

My door opened. I pretended to be asleep, but I sensed him walking toward the bed. Think of something to say, come up with any excuse, I told myself. I heard him breathing, smelled him, and felt the heat off his body. It’s not too late, I told myself, apologize or lie about how long I was there. I peeked through slitted eyes and there it was, right in front of me, the outline of that cock in his boxers. It was a ridge that ran on an angle over to where a pocket would be if it wasn’t his underwear. The bulbous head jerked upward. I still didn’t say anything.

Suddenly, he reached in and hauled everything out. The log of vein-bulging flesh rose and fell in slow, lumbering jerks. It was growing. His massive, hairy balls were heavy, hanging over the elastic waistband. He inched closer. A pungent smell caused a visceral reaction. Something in my groin tightened. I didn’t understand what was happening. I slid my legs off the bed and sat up. The smooth, warm knob touched my lips. It didn’t feel anything like what I had imagined. I was terrified, on the verge of blacking out, ready to back up, but my tongue darted out. The creamy ooze from the slit snapped my senses to full alert. He jabbed forward, pushing my lips apart. Another poke and my mouth opened on its own. He shoved harder and the purple head pushed past my teeth. It completely filled my mouth.

It was the most terrifying, and maybe most exciting thing that had ever happened to me. My tongue was moving, looping around the silky knob, savoring the flavor. I sucked, and he pushed it into the back of my throat where it got stuck. Nobody in their right mind would try to fit something so big into their throat. He pushed harder and the smooth bulbous head snapped through the resistance. It slid freely into me until my whole body heaved. It was like when you’re gonna puke, yet completely different in an exciting way. I couldn’t breathe. Adrenaline spiked my heart rate and my instincts screamed, fight for air, save yourself. I shoved my face forward and felt him break through a deeper resistance, plunging down my throat. Tears spilled down my cheeks and spit spilled from the corners of my mouth. I was deep throating a man’s cock. He grabbed my ears and started humping my head. A rush of excitement instantly erected my dick. The sound of gagging and sloppy wet gasps filled the room. Each thrust opened me and allowed him to go faster. His giant, swinging balls were slapping my chin.

When he yanked his cock free, streamers of thick throat juices bridged the space between it and my lips. I sucked down massive gulps of air, expecting there was more to come.

There was, but not what I had imagined. He tugged, and I didn’t say anything as my shorts came off. Then I was face down, and he used his knee to shove my legs apart. Hot, dripping skin touched my puckered flesh. Instinctively, my anus jerked tight with resistance. Fear should have exploded in my mind, but it didn’t. At some point, while being face fucked, a switch seemed to have flipped inside me. I had expected him to use my mouth and throat until he was satisfied and ball juice was filling my stomach. That had set off a fire for more and more and more of everything nasty and perverse. Now, my tiny little asshole was going to be abused, stretched wide open, and he would ram that ridiculously huge man cock where only a Hell-bound homosexual would let him put it.

“Oh, god,” I whimpered as the plum-sized head pressed hard against my anus. A sudden sting of pain made me cry out but not for him to stop. The head was in me, and my hole tightened, trying to reject it, but the demanding prick wouldn’t be denied. Like my throat, my insides seemed to gulp and let the dick keep going. It hit a deeper barrier, he paused, then drew back. I could feel my wrecked anal ring clinging to his shaft. My guts seem to be following, getting sucked out along with his dick. He grunted and rammed through that second wall of resistance. A hot burst of fluid shot out of my hard dick.

He pulled out faster. His mushroom head popped free. I felt empty, longing to be filled again, and he gave it to me. A fast and hard thrust sent a ripping pain upward through my intestines. I moaned into the mattress as another hot squirt got punched out of my full bladder.

The man’s sweat-coated muscles rippled and slid across my skin as he humped harder and faster. My sphincter screamed. It hurt, everything hurt, but there was no pity or mercy in his driving force. He panted, grunted, and slammed into my tender body. Over and over, he crammed that huge cock balls deep in my ass. He was a stallion, racing toward his need to empty himself inside me. The faster he went, the more I enjoyed the pain. I was harder than I had ever been, humping the wet mattress. His dick head bashed a button inside me that made my ass open wider and deeper for him.

Again and again, he drove that huge cock up my ass and slapped his giant balls against my tight nut sack. I sighed and released a steady, hot, flowing stream, thinking I’m pissing my bed while this man fucks me in the ass, and I love it. I did; I loved being nasty, dirty and used as a fuck hole.

Once my painfully full bladder was empty, I felt an orgasm building. I humped the wetness each time his groin slapped my ass. I heard myself say, “Give it to me,” and was embarrassed by the sound of my words. Then, “Please, give it to me,” came out. The sound of my voice pleading made everything more real. This is happening, I thought, I’m getting ass fucked right now. With greater volume and confidence, I said, “Fuck me, fuck me, please fuck me hard.” I was gonna cum without touching myself.

It was a slippery mess after I came, and I doubled my effort, fucking the bed harder as the dick inside me grew larger and stiffer. He groaned, thrust deep, and trembled on top of me. A warm, soothing flow of ball juice poured into me. I said, “Breed me.” I spasmed, jerked, and fired off another load between my belly and the bed.

Who could have imagined that on my first day at the Christian college, a senior would teach me so much about being an ass whore and cum dumpster? Certainly not my mother.