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2022-10-19 00:22:19


Hi! I'm Amy; Amy Simpson. My dad is Rick—Rick Simpson. I'm 19, he is 41. He is that young actually—one major reason I enjoy fucking and sucking and licking him also. Mom has got no clue about what we do behind her unsuspicious back. I don't want her to find out. Dad doesn't want that to happen too. Besides from screwing each other in our free time, Dad and I have decided to publish an INCEST MAGAZINE. We want to encourage a lot of people like you out there that incest is sweeter fun to participate in. Won't you come and join us? Please? I am begging you to do this—on my knees. Anyway, I want you to know one reason I enjoy riding Dad's cock and sucking his juicy dick. I also love to lick his hairy balls. Here we go:

#1—Dad's Dong is the Biggest Ever. I swear; over the well-being of my thirty-two teeth. Rick boasts the biggest dong in our community. How am I so certain about it? Well, the boys here host a Masturbation Tournament every year in January. Nearly every male staying in Rogers Park attends it. Whether they are participants or not participants, all boys are obliged to strip naked and then have their cocks measured on some weird machine. I don't know how this machine looks like. I hear it measures penises with astonishing correctness. It also detects other things like sperm count and how often one is either under-using or over-using his dong.

That said: It doesn't come as a surprise to learn that the boy with the biggest dong is my dad! He is not a small boy actually, but a big boy. Boys of all age are welcome to take part in this contest, whether aged or youth, big or small. The only thing that disqualifies one is being underage—beneath eighteen years of age.

At this year's Masturbation Tournament, Dad came out first in the Big Dick category. He got an award for the Biggest Dick of the Year. They first measured his dick, then nabbed photos of it, and finally paraded him naked with the other boys to prove if he deserved the title. Fortunately enough, he did! I want to taste his record-breaking penis for as much long as I possibly can, even if it means sharing it with Mom. I don't mind fucking my Dad, do you?

Of all men I have fucked, Dad is the biggest—I swear. I even broke up with my boyfriend just so he (Dad, I mean) can become my lover. I must confess: I seriously wish to marry him one coming day. I don't know how or when I will break this news to Mom. I don't think I will be able to. Dad himself cannot stand to provoke her with shit like this. We don't just fuck—we love and cherish each other; we also have gone out for countless dates and dinners and balls; we are careful not to let Mum run into us, or any of her friends or relatives. This is our top secret!


1. Is Incest Holy?

We have all read the Da Vinci Code, haven't we? If we have not, we have surely heard a thing or two about what the book portrays. Memorable in the story is the claim that Jesus Christ, God incarnate in human flesh, married his mother, Mary, and had a godly lineage with her. This issue attracted negative reaction from many Christian circles, with many libraries outlawing the book and refusing to have it. The old controversy has been breathed new life into a second time. Some priests in the Vatican are encouraging church goers to marry beyond family borders, telling them what the Da Vinci Code depicts was based on facts interwoven with fiction.

"That holy bloodline (in that book) still lives with us to this day," Father Eduardo Giovanni was famously quoted saying two days ago at the crowded Saint Monica Square. "Incest in any form is not wicked, but pure, just like every other intimate relation is blameless. Our Savior married His mother, Mary, and had children with her. That also gives me a right to marry my own mother if I wish to, or my sister or aunt or daughter, and freely bear children with her."

This teaching has sparked fierce debates in many Christian circles the world over. While many doubt the realistic claims of the Da Vinci Code, others have fearlessly risen to the defense of incestuous relationships in the church, arguing that Adam's sons married his daughters, and Noah's sons did the same too. What they condemn, however, is unfaithfulness practiced among incest couples. "An incest marriage is no different from any other normal marriage. The husband, be he the son or brother to the woman, must be loyal and caring to his wife. The wife must also surrender herself to his authority. Incest couples must know that they are in a pure relationship, and handle themselves as such; not doing things the other way round."
2. Incest Video Goes Viral on You Tube

Since 'Daddy's Girl' was released on the website nine months ago, it has lured in millions of viewers, largely in the United States—who have all backed the song until become an international hit on music downloading sites like iTunes.

Daddy's Girl is the forty-eighth song by American artiste, Becca Jones, issued as a single from her fourth studio album 'Playtime.'

The song is sung from the perspective of a New York girl, Daisy, who falls hard for her dad and ends up drugging her mom into death-like sleep every night so she can seduce her sex-starved hubby easily. Strangely, there has not been much criticism spat out against the hit song, or its X-rated lyrics. Becca uses a lot of curse words, insulting and acting eerily slutty. Some words she chimes are:

Eight inches deep
I tell daddy my cunt is
Eight inches deep
Ten inches long
I tell him his dick
Is two inches oversize

Grab that banana, my sugar daddy
Shove it deep into my ass
Snatch that lollipop, my sugar mummy
Stick it in my ass
And lick it there


Name: Mia Michaels
Age: 27
Active Since: 6 years ago
Net Worth: $600,000
Claim to Fame: Porn Actress

Mia Michaels is an incest porn star, who acts in sex videos with her twin brother, Aiden Michaels. She shot her way to fame after nude pictures of her, photographed by Aiden, hit the internet in early 2009 and got her small town buzzing about the naked girl whose was posing topless on social networks.

At the time her nude photos began circulating widely, Mia got fired from work. She was working at MacDonald. Her boss, who still refuses to be named to this day, feared her bad reputation would hurt the shop's business.

"I have always known Mia to be a sweet, decent girl. I didn't think she was capable of doing something as daring as this. When folks begun talking, telling me that one of my employees was posing nude on the internet, I did not care much about it. I watch porn after all. I masturbate and fuck the lustiest girls who model the streets out there.

"When word started spreading that my shop had now become a porn factory, I had to do something about it fast enough. Parents were telling their kids and neighbors to stop walking into my shop. 'They will lure you into filming porn,' was what they were always saying."

Kicked out of employment, and taunted and friendless, Mia did not have anything to do. She left no stone unturned in town, seeking employment restlessly. No one was willing to employ her. Everyone thought she would poison their healthy reputation. "People ridiculed me for being a porn girl. No one acted porn in my town. It was unheard-of. People here are overly religious. Porn is nothing but the devil's play field in their holy eyes. I was called Satan's daughter and crappy names like that."

Lonely, penniless, and miserable, Mia took to acting porn with her big brother, Aiden.

"This became my employment. I wasn't tolerated to do any other work, fine. I began making porn with my big bro. We barely cashed in on anything in our early days. Two years later, our efforts were slowly proving to become fruitful. Porn productions all over the US were emailing and calling us. I felt proud for the first time in my life being a porn star who acted incest."

Mia and Aiden have now started their own porno site: mia&aiden.com. They sell their endless titles here, offering freebies and lots more exciting stuff. They recently brought to life their first ever porn house, Mia & Aiden, recruiting brothers and sisters who are eager to do incest porn for a living.

"It is fun fucking my brother—day in and day out. I haven't made out with any other guy aside from him. For the present, I am comfortable doing this with him. My advice is if your young or big bro is hot enough, go ahead and fuck him. In case you didn't know, brothers fuck more carefully than strangers will handle you. A brother will always acknowledge his responsibility, and never abandon you. You have a more connecting tie after all, something that is more natural and deeply intimate."


I am Rick Simpson. I run this magazine with my daughter, Amy. In case you didn't know, these are our real names and surnames. If my wife should find out about us and seek to confront me over this INCEST MAGAZINE, I will tell her I am not the only Rick Simpson living in the United States. Google tells me there are other 8,659 chaps with this same name. This Rick could be anyone of them, but not me. Of these: 2,678 have 19-year-old daughters named Amy. So it can't be possibly me.

I love Mia Michaels. I am a die-hard fan of hers. I have watched her videos a countless times, probably a million times. When fucking her brother, she always moans out, "Holy Aiden, fuck me like that, yes....yes, my sweet bad boy." Aiden has a big cock. I am bigger than him actually. He need not worry. Amy, my little girl here, won't let me use it in whipping anyone's ass or pussy except hers and her mom's.

A couple days past, I emailed Mia, posing a string of questions to her. Thank God, she answered them all in twenty-eight hours. I dashed around my study table in excitement the minute her response hit back into my inbox. I was like, "I interviewed a porn star and she got back to me in good time." I could have waited for years, probably decades, praying for her response to knock suddenly at my mail door. Thank goodness, she is still alive and responsive too!

1. Do you shave your ass? How often? I hear you have a lot of hair on your butt—not your pussy.

Rick, you are welcome. No, I don't shave my ass. I have never shaved it since I began acting porn with my twin brother. I will do that the day I will retire from this business. I prefer my butt to be hairy all the time so I can prove that women with hairy faces and legs and butts are sexy too! In my town, a hairy woman is labeled 'gay' or 'lesbian.' That is so crappy. I mean I don't care if anyone thinks I am weird as a woman by not shaving my body hair and preferring to keep it like I am a man. Being gay is fun and exciting what's more. I'm not saying I am gay, but I don't hate gays. I love them!

2. Is it true that you once stuck a cream doughnut into your ass, and then pushed it out like it was shit, groaning and sweating, so your brother, Aiden, would lick it and eat in its new state?

Yes, I did. That was crazy and weird of me, really. Aiden actually enjoyed that cream doughnut more than any snack. You can watch that scene in our movie 'Anal Games.' We were playing with each other's anus. I fucked his ass with three cooking sticks bundled into one. He fucked me with an umbrella as big as his cock.

3. Do you always scatter sugar in your cunt before Aiden goes on to lick it?

If he wants me to, I will do that. It is not in every movie when we act that. It depends. If he feels like licking sugar in my cunt, I will pour it. If he wants salt, I will put it. If he wants sauce, I will add it as well. I don't usually play with salt. It is not hurting actually. It just makes me very uncomfortable. Sweet sauce is my favorite. I will never try chili sauce—no, no!


I’m Amy. Welcome to my closing corner. Here, I talk about experimental ways to fuck—fucking in mind-blowing ways you can never think up on your own. We all love sex, don’t we? Especially sex with our dads or cousins or stuff like that. Well, if you are really horny and looking for a new way to try out sex, follow my simple suggestion:

Fuck Your Dad With Your Feet Tied Upside Down.

What am I saying? After you have undressed your dad and he has taken off your clothing, have him fetch a strong, durable rope, and then tie it up to the ceiling, where he is going to lace your feet and then pull you up finally. This should be done slowly, but carefully, so it doesn’t hurt. Once he is through, he is now free to fuck you as quickly as possible, say for five minutes, but not longer than ten. This way, you won’t put up with much discomfort, and ultimately any pain. If you get dizzy that quickly and easily, this is not the best way to enjoy logic-shattering sex with your dad. Try other techniques as a substitute.

You can’t tie your dad’s feet upwards—facing the ceiling. This doesn’t seem traditionally right. Besides, he is the one having the dick, isn’t he? You have a sugary cunt. If you lace him up, he won’t be able to pound into you satisfactorily; except when you know how to steer the sexual movements or dances made by the two of you.

Once you are finally tied, have your Dad caress your breasts, squeezing your nipples and licking them also. This will privilege you with lots of sexual delight. He can finger your vagina while pinching your butt behind, or toy with your anus as he feels like doing. As soon as you are ready, let him know so he can shove his dick into your cunt—or ass. At first this will all feel terrifying. Once he has begun pumping in and out of you, you will explore the limitless pleasures that come from partaking in this sport. Remember: You must finish the act in not more than ten minutes, and not less than five.

Have good luck fucking your Dad upside-down style!