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The Lesbian Debt (Chapter 39) - The Expose

2023-01-20 21:55:19

Chapter 39

Inside The Secret Life Of A Lesbian Slut
- The Dirty Secrets Gay Women Don't Want You To Know -
by Ingrid Pellman

When I first met Laura, she was naked, crying and being fucked by a dog.

We'd arranged to meet in a park by Laura's house, because Laura had telephoned this magazine and said that she wanted to talk about her fascinating lifestyle. She'd dressed in the way she was accustomed to dress - short skirt, sheer lycra boob-tube, no underwear of any sort - and waited on a park bench for me. But I'd been running late, and a large labrador had taken an interest in Laura. When it sniffed at her crotch, she'd spread her legs for it and let it start to lick her pussy, and before long it had become horny and Laura had obediently removed her clothes, got down on all fours on the grass, and let it mount her.

"I hate fucking dogs," she told me later as she dressed, wiping the tears from her face. "I hate it so much. But it's not my choice. Males are just superior to me - all males, even if they're dogs - and if a male wants to use my fuckhole I have to obey. I just feel grateful that the dog approved of me enough to to want to rape me, and that it enjoyed fucking me like that"

I pointed out to her she had appeared to orgasm several times from being fucked by the dog, including when it ejaculated inside her.

"My body understands what my place is in the world, and it rewards me when I'm being a good little slut," Laura explained. "I don't have any more choice about when I orgasm than I do about who fucks me." She scooped the dog's cum from her vagina as she spoke, and licked it from her fingers with what appeared to be happiness.


Laura is young, big-breasted, energetic, has bright pink hair, and identifies as a lesbian. Her friends call her "Kitten Tits", but she asked to be identified as Laura for this article so that the final publication would appear under internet searches for her birth name. She lives with two other girls her age. Slavetoy, who was once called Erica, is an attractive, submissive girl who seems to worship Laura, waiting on her approval for literally everything that she does. Laura says that Slavetoy used to be her girlfriend but had been demoted to "pet", which she says suits her better. The other girl, Candy Twat, formerly Taylor, is a lithe, petite blonde, who spent the entirety of my time with Laura completely naked, blushing furiously, and rubbing her clitoris. I am told Candy Twat is Laura's girlfriend but she acts more like her unwilling slave.

Laura's house is not like most people's houses. The first thing one notices upon approaching it is that the front yard has a direct view into the master bedroom. There are no curtains, and the large window frames the bed like a pornographic video. As we walked towards the house from the park, I saw two boys, maybe 15 years old, standing on the footpath staring at Laura's house, and some distance away an older man equally entranced. The reason became clear as we came close - Slavetoy and Candy Twat were engaged in a passionate naked 69 on the master bed, exchanging uninhibited cunnilingus in full view of the street. I watched as Candy Twat appeared to publicly orgasm from Slavetoy's tongue, and wet liquid visibly spurted onto Slavetoy's face - was she squirting? - and then Laura led me to the front door and we went inside.

The inside of Laura's house is, if anything, even more confronting. The carpets and walls are coloured in suffocating shades of feminine pink. It gives the impression of being inside a strip club crossed with a schoolgirl's bedroom.

The centrepiece of the living room is the TV, which is on, and showing explicit fetish porn of a bound woman having her breasts caned. Laura explains that the TV is always on, and always showing images like this. She says that sometimes the things on the TV replay in her dreams, and she wakes up wet and horny. Above the TV are two large canvas prints, one showing an extreme close-up of Laura's aroused vagina with semen leaking from it, the other displaying her visibly bruised breasts after a man has recently ejaculated on them.

Many of the items of furniture have large dildos protruding from them. Laura sits on a couch featuring one of these, and unabashedly slides the phallus into her vagina as she sits. I hear a quiet buzz as it starts to vibrate inside her while she sits on it. I take a more traditional chair. Shortly afterwards, Slavetoy and Candy Twat come crawling out from the bedroom on all fours, both completely naked. Both choose to kneel on the floor rather than use the dildo chairs. Candy Twat blushingly fingers her groin as she kneels.

Laura instructs Slavetoy to fetch drinks. She apologises to me, that because I am a "bitch" she can only offer me urine or sperm to drink. I am taken aback and politely decline. Slavetoy soon returns with three wine glasses full of what the smell and colour confirm to be warm urine and passes them out to the girls, who sip from them as if it is champagne. Laura explained that the urine was from a mixture of men, dogs, and horses, as sadly they just couldn't get men to piss in their mouths often enough to satisfy all their needs.

"I hated drinking piss at first," she tells me, "but as I learned my place in the world I came to like it more and more. Now it just seems so natural than a dumb lesbian slut like me would drink urine. All women should drink it. It makes my pussy wet and it reminds me of what a fuckpig I am. I feel weird and nauseous now if I drink normal-people drinks."

I watch the girls drink the urine - Candy Twat still playing with her pussy as she drinks - and I'm disgusted, but fascinated. Laura seems so happy and content like this, degraded and debased. How was this possible?

I ask if I can get my own drink - of water - and Laura says I can, so I go to the kitchen. I notice three dog bowls laid out on the floor, labelled "ERICA", "LAURA" and "TAYLOR". They seem to have the residue of what appears to be dog food in them. I pour a glass of water and return to sip on it.

Laura takes me on a tour of the house. It's a brief tour. I've already seen the bedroom and the kitchen. She points me at the bathroom and the toilet, but tells me I can't use them. "They're only for visiting men," she says. I ask her how she toilets, and she tells Candy Twat to demonstrate.

As I watch, Candy Twat crawls to the backdoor of the house, opens it, and crawls out into the backyard, still naked. The backyard is neat and attractive but I note the side fences are exceptionally low, giving a clear view from the neighbours' yards. In fact an Indian man next door is watching these proceedings with interest.

As I watch, Candy Twat turns, still on all fours, to give the neighbour a clear view of her groin. She begins to masturbate more energetically, her fingers pumping in and out of her vagina, and then she starts to urinate. Piss spurts from her pussy and runs down her legs, pooling at her knees and soaking the grass. Clearly aroused, she lowers her head until her cheek is pressed into the dirt and her breasts are being tickled by the grass blades. Urine flows until her bladder is empty, and then a few moments later she orgasms, her whole body shaking.

She lies like that for a moment, recovering, then staggers to her feet. She licks her fingers clean, then transfers them to her vagina, scoops up more of her juices, and licks them clean again. She repeats this until she appears to be satisfied with the dryness of her groin, and then walks to an outdoor shower, turns it on, and washes. Laura tells me the shower only offers cold water. "Bitches don't deserve comfort." When Candy Twat is done, she comes back inside, wet and shivering, and Laura rubs her dry with a towel.

"Do you toilet this way every time?" I ask Laura as we return to the couch.

"No," Laura says. "A lot of the time we piss in each others' mouths. In fact none of us can orgasm now from a bitch's tongue without pissing on her face. It's a conditioned reaction. We orgasm, and then we just start pissing. It's good because a lesbian who licks out another girl *should* be degraded by being pissed on. Or we just wet ourselves in public like stupid little babies. It doesn't really matter how we toilet as long as it degrades us and makes us remember we're disgusting fuckpigs."

"Our car smells like piss all the time," she told me later, "because one day Slavetoy and I wet ourselves in it because we're stupid and whorish, and then a boy who fucks us sometimes said that seeing as we'd already ruined the car we should keep pissing in it every time we use it. We're not allowed to wear clothes while we're inside it, and when we get out at home we have to kneel on the road next to it and press our noses into the pissy seats and masturbate until we cum. Sometimes our neighbours watch us do that."


For someone who identifies as a lesbian, it soon becomes clear that Laura has a lot of sex with men. And this, she tells me, is the secret that all lesbians are hiding.

"I've always wanted to fuck men," she says. I'm on her couch, and she's kneeling at my feet, naked. She's starting blankly at the abuse porn on the television, and almost absentmindedly working her fingers in and out of her vagina as she squeezes her breasts with her other hand.

"I've always wanted to fuck men... but I didn't want to consent to it. I wanted them to rape me. And so I cockteased them. I dressed like a big-titted slut, and I pretended to be friends with them, and I hugged them, and I hoped that one day one of them would just push me down and use me like I deserved. And when that didn't work, I started fucking girls. I became a lesbian. I kissed pretty girls in front of men, and made out with them, and... I just got used to it."

She looks up at me. Her face is blank, filled with a mixture of confusion, arousal and guilt. I have the very clear sense that if I leaned down and kissed her right now, she would melt, and become a submissive little toy for my pleasure.

"I didn't know how to stop. I didn't know how to tell men that it was okay, that even though I said no, even though I pushed them away, it was all right to just violently force me, and fuck me, and breed me, and degrade me. My lesbianism was just to entertain them, to attract them, to keep me wet and horny while I waited to be raped."

She looks at me and says, "You know, you'd be more comfortable with your panties off."

She is right. I'm on my third glass of water and it's very hot in Laura's house, and I allow Laura to reach under my skirt and slide my panties down my legs and over my high heels. She goes to throw them in a corner. "Please," I say, stopping her. "I don't want to lose them."

She nods, and gently parts my legs. Then she pushes the panties up inside my vagina, forcing the lacy fabric into my sex hole, until only a small glimpse of pink fabric peeks out. I am surprised by how wet I am. It doesn't occur to me to question what Laura is doing. Of course I should store my panties in my vagina. It seems so natural. I think how nice it might feel to store my car keys there as well, that big black fob on the keyring pushing past my cunt-lips...

"Lesbians generally fall into four categories," Laura is telling me. "Lesbian sluts are like me. Our whole lesbianism is just like a mating display. It's designed to attract men and get them to rape us. That's what we want."

"The second category is lesbian bitches. They're the worst kind. They use their lesbianism as a way to hurt men, to deny them sex. They're often... feminists." It appears to physically hurt Laura to say this word. "The only way to deal with lesbian bitches is to hurt them and rape them and degrade them until they're crying, and then do it again every day until they learn their lesson."

Slavetoy brings me another glass of water. My vagina is so wet, and my bladder is getting full. I am uncomfortale. I stand to accept the water from Slavetoy, and as I sit I find one of the smaller, stubbier dildos prodding at my anus. I shift to get more comfortable and feel it poke pleasurably at my sphincter. I relax, and let the tip inside me.

"The third category are lesbian rapebait. They're basically like the sluts - they want to be fucked by men - only they haven't realised it yet. They think they only like women. But when they get raped two or three times they learn how much they like cock. I have some friends like that."

Slavetoy sits down next to me, and leans against me. Her large, naked tits brush my arm. She nuzzles my neck. It feels good. I lean down and kiss her on the lips. Her mouth tastes like urine. It should be disgusting but somehow it's hot, and I kiss her harder to taste more of it.

"And the fourth type of lesbian is the stupid lesbian," Laura says. "I mean, they're all stupid lesbians because they're all women, but these ones are extra stupid becuase they don't think they're lesbians." Laura is fiddling with my skirt. She is uncinching it. She pulls it away and my cunt is bare. I squeal, but Slavetoy is still kissing me and it's muffled. Laura parts my legs slightly and reaches in to stroke my clitoris and I stop caring. It feels good. It feels right.

"Stupid lesbians think they're heterosexual," Laura says, "and they don't realise yet that women are made for fucking. If there's no men around, she should be raping another slut or being raped by one, and if there *are* men around but they're not actively fucking her, she should be putting on a show with other sluts for their amusement."

Slavetoy stops kissing me, and then whispers in my ear, "You're such a stupid lesbian, Ingrid." And then I feel Laura's tongue on my clitoris and I stop caring.


They moved me to the master bedroom at one point, becuase Laura said they couldn't cum anymore unless a man might be watching. They had undressed me and I was naked and people would see me but I didn't care. Laura licked my pussy, then Candy Twat licked my pussy, and then Slavetoy and Candy Twat fucked while Laura 69ed me.

I had never licked a cunt before but Laura's tasted so good. I knew when I made her cum she would piss on my face - and I was scared of that - but I couldn't stop, I needed to keep tasting her twat. I licked and licked until I made her orgasm, and was rewarded by a hot spray of urine. I instinctively opened my mouth and let her piss into it. It tasted like Slavetoy's mouth. It tasted good. I drank it all and swallowed and then, moments later, orgasmed myself. My bladder was full so I relaxed it, and immediately discovered that pissing into a girl's mouth is one of the best experiences in the world.

Afterwards, when I regained my senses, I discovered that several men had indeed been watching me from the footpath. I blushed but Slavetoy and Laura held me down, preventing me from covering myself. Candy Twat began licking my body clean, and Laura made me blow my audience a kiss and spread my legs to give them a better look at my freshly-licked cunt.

It felt unreal. I had been a conservative and shy lover all my life and now here I was lezzing off with degraded whores in public view. I had swallowed a girl's piss. Maybe it was the unreality that let me do it - it was so *far* past my usual inhibitions that I felt like a different person - not Ingrid Pellman at all, but a stupid piss-drinking lesbian slut living happily with her harem in a degrading fantasy brothel.

As I lay there, I asked Laura about having sex with men.

"Men are just naturally better than women," she told me. I tried to summon an objection, but it was hard to feel the equal of anyone while lying naked in public view with cunt juices on your face and urine in your belly. "We exist," she continued, "so that men can be entertained by fucking us, and hurting us, and cumming on us, and looking at us. We are here to have their babies and cook their meals and suck their cocks. We were given so many sensitive areas on our body - particularly our cunts and tits - so that men can control us with pain or pleasure. If I'm not pleasing a man I'm worthless."

Candy Twat had moved to licking my cunt clean, so I used my hands to hold her face tighly against my pussy and grind against her for a bit. I asked Laura which men she had sex with.

"As many as I can," she tells me. "I fuck my boss at work, of course. My job is basically just to be his sex toy now. That's what I get paid for. I degrade myself for him each day and lez off with other girls while he watches and he puts his cum in or on me if he feels like it. I let my male friends rape me. I encourage them to. Some of them pay me money for it. I don't have any friends anymore who don't fuck me."

She cuddles up to me and plays with my tits. "I work nights as a prostitute. Men fuck me while wearing condoms but afterwards I drink the sperm from the condoms, or feed it to Slavetoy or Candy Twat." She guides my hand to her pussy, and I know she wants me to finger-fuck her, but instead I pinch her clitoris, for fun. She seems to enjoy that just as much.

"The worst thing is," she says, "I seduced my brother. He loved me as a sister, as family, and I wanted him to see me as nothing but a fuckpig, so I cockteased him and cockteased him and cockteased him until he couldn't help himself, and he raped me, and I loved it, and now he rapes me all the time. That's what a stupid whore I am."

I think of my own two brothers, both older than me. I think of them fucking me. I think of having Brian's cock in my ass while Todd rapes my mouth. It's disgusting. I'm horrified. I can't stop picturing it. I picture my father joining in. I pull Candy Twat's mouth tighter against my pussy.

"That's how we got pregnant," Laura tells me. "Me and Slavetoy and Candy Twat. My brother raped us until he impregnated us."


Laura and her friends are all around six months pregnant to Laura's brother. He didn't want to impregnate any of them, they tell me, but they were such teasing sluts around him that they eventually overpowered his self control. They feel guilty about being such disgusting whores with him, Laura says, and about saddling him with incipient children, so they do whatever they can to service him sexually by way of payment. Laura says after the babies are born, her brother will marry Slavetoy, and then all three girls with live with him as his permanent harem.

She sounds a little unsure of herself as she says this and looks like she might cry, so I question her on it. She quickly puts a smile on her face and tells me being her brother's fucktoy has been her fantasy since she was a little girl, and she's so happy that he's going to marry her former girlfriend that she masturbates to the idea every day.

The girls are all lactating by now, quite heavily. Laura tells me they worked hard to stimulate their breasts to produce milk, because "a good slut should make her tits useful". They all take pills to increase their lactation, and they are milked several times a day.

None of them express their own milk. Laura tells me "a good slut shouldn't be in control of her own tits", and indeed, all three girls seem almost unable to milk themselves. They clearly want to be milked from quite early in the day, and as the pressure of milk in their breasts grows they become visibly uncomfortable. It is not until Candy Twat starts crying from her need for release that Laura takes her to the living room, has her climb up on the coffee table on all fours, places a bucket under her breasts, and begins to milk her like a cow.

Laura is not gentle to Candy Twat's udders. She is clearly doing her best to hurt the pretty blonde's breasts. Candy Twat cries as she is milked, but, more surprisngly, she also makes a noise. I don't understand it at first, but then it becomes clear - she is mooing, like a cow. Laura says they have all conditioned themselves to make this noise, to remind thesmelves of what they are. They can't help but moo when they are milked.

Laura says the girls are milked six times a day. One milking doesn't happen until they are crying from the pain, to remind them of what they are and what they desrve. If there is a man in the house they have to moo for his attention to receive this milking. After they have had their "pain milking" they are then milked rapidly on a fairly fast schedule several times over the rest of the day. The repeated milking promotes milk production, meaning their breasts will make more milk and get fuller faster. The more often they are milked, the more often they need to be milked, and the more dependent they are on someone to squeeze the milk out of their tits.

Laura tells me she has always had large breasts, and always been ashamed of them. She thought large breasts meant she was slutty. She tells me she was right - she is slutty. Since she began lactating, her breasts have grown another two cup sizes. She tells me she feels disgusted when she sees herself in the mirror. She thinks the word "cow" whenever she sees her breasts. She can't imagine that anyone could look at her and see a human being instead of a sub-human fucktoy.

When it comes time for Laura to be milked she crawls over to me in tears, kneeling in front of me, mooing softly. I lead her to the table and get the milking bucket, and I grip her breasts firmly. I pull down on her left breast in the milking motion I saw her use on Candy Twat. Laura gasps, and moos, and milk squirts from her tit into the bucket. I feel my pussy growing wet. I pull on her breast again, harder. I am trying to hurt her. She has told me she likes it when her breasts are hurt, because it's what they deserve for being so big and slutty.

After a few squirts I can't help myself. I kneel next to her and take her nipple into my mouth. She gasps, then gasps again and moos as I milk her into my mouth. Milk floods over my tongue. It tastes good. I suck eagerly at her udder while she moos and cries. I drink all the milk from that breast, and then squeeze her other tit into the bucket until it is dry.

I ask the girls what will become of their babies. They tell me they will be raised well - girls should be sluts, but not until they're grown up. They'll learn what they need to so that when the girls come of age they'll be ready to spread their legs, and when the boys come of age they'll learn to treat girls like the sluts they are.

Slavetoy is the last to need her "pain milking", but Laura refuses to give it to her when she starts to cry. Instead, Laura gets a thick leather belt from the bedroom and uses it to beat Slavetoy's breasts as I watch. Slavetoy screams each time the belt slaps into her milk-swollen over-sensitive breasts, and milk squirts from her nipples on each impact. Laura makes her masturbate as she is tortured, and Slavetoy frantically rubs her cunt as she is whipped in the udders again and again. Laura keeps hitting her until there are bright red welts on her breasts and no more milk is coming from her nipples. It is only then that Laura takes her to the table for the rest of her milking. It is clear that the welts make the process of having her breasts squeezed three or four times as agonising as normal. Laura rubs Slavetoy's pussy as she milks her, and I watch Slavetoy orgasm twice while crying and in pain. Afterwards Slavetoy thanks Laura, and Laura has Slavetoy lick Laura's cunt to orgasm.


Later in the afternoon I accompany Laura on a jog around her neighbourhood. Laura says her brother likes her to go on jogs like this to stay fit. However as far as I can tell the purpose of the run is less about exercise and more about further degrading Laura.

It takes Laura some time to get ready to jog. She starts by stripping naked and rubbing her pussy in front of me until she is on the edge of orgasm. Then she adds her accessories.

It starts with a vibrator in her vagina. The phallus is quite large and stuffs her uncomfortably full. The base of the vibrator has two clamps, which she attaches to her labia, wincing as she does. I note the vibrator is quite heavy and when she stands her labia bear the full weight of it. When the vibrator is switched on it makes a loud humming that can be heard several feet away. Laura is visibly distracted by it.

Next she works a butt plug into her anus. The plug is thick and uncomfortable. It sports a cute little bunny puff on its rear.

After that she places a clover clamp on her clitoris. A large round metal weight is suspended from the clamp that swings and bounces freely between her legs.

She gets my help to lift her breasts, and first places an elastic band around each tit, constricting the base and making her breasts bulge lewdly as blood is trapped inside them. It is clear this makes them much more senstive than they were before. Then she tapes a strip of metal to her chest at the base of her breasts. Semi-sharp points line the strip, pointing outwards. When I release her breasts, they rest against the strip, the spikes poking painfully at her underboob. We then get two more weighted clover clamps and attach one to each nipple.

Now we dress Laura. We wrap a short plaid skirt around her waist - so short the hem doesn't even cover the bottom of her pubic mound. The weight hanging from her clit is clearly visible, as is the base of the vibrator protruding from her cunt. At the rear it rests above the bunny-tail buttplug, exposing basically all of her ass cheeks.

Then we give her a top. Ostensibly this is a white tube top. It has the word "FUCKTOY" written across the chest in pink and glitter. The bottom, however, has been cut away with scissors. When Laura stands still, the bottom of the top *just* covers her nipples. Each step, however, makes her breasts bounce free of it and expose themselves.

Laura gives me a pen and gets me to write on her breasts. On the left breast, at her instruction, I write "LESBIAN COCK-SLUT" and on the right I write, "YOU HAVE PERMISSION TO RAPE ME".

Laura brings out a pair of very high heels, slips her feet into them, and teeters precariously on them. Then we get a pair of handcuffs and use them to cuff Laura's hands behind her back. They lock. Slavetoy has the only key; Laura will not be able to free herself until we return.

Lastly, Slavetoy puts a pair of headphones on Laura's head, playing a sound file from Laura's iPhone. I listen to what she is hearing briefly. It is Laura's own voice, repeating over and over, "I am a dumb lesbian slut. I deserve to be raped." The recorded voice is broken by gasps and moans - it sounds like Laura is masturbating as she recites it. Or is being fucked.

Finally, we go for the jog.

Laura looks ridiculous. She can barely walk in the high heels, but she tries her best to jog. With each step, her boobs bounce up and down. They fly free from her top, exposing themselves to everyone. The weights on her nipple clamps bounce along with her breasts, tugging agonisingly at her nipples. Each time her tits flop down against her chest, they slam into the strip of spikes, which as far as I can tell is exceptionally painful, and milk squirts from her clamped nipples and dribbles down her breasts and stomach.

The weight on her clitoris bounces as well, tugging painfully at the most sensitive part of her body. Even from some distance away I can hear the vibrator thrumming inside her cunt. The combined effect of the vibrator distending her pussy and the plug in her ass makes her stride into a humiliating waddle. She struggles to keep her balance, and with her hands behind her back it is obvious that if she falls forward she will take the full weight of her body on her tits, crushing them agains the pavement.

She is crying after only forty metres, but at the same time I note that her inner thighs are wet with the juices of her arousal.

She tells me later the other two girls get their exercise at night, both completely naked except for weights hanging from their tits and clit. Slavetoy masturbates constantly as she walks, forbidden from removing her right hand from her cunt for any reason. Candy Twat crawls on all fours behind, dragged by a leash connected to her nipple clamps, the handle held by Slavetoy. Laura's brother says he plans to get them a dog, both so that it can fuck Laura regularly, and so that they can connect its leash to both of their clit clamps and have it pull them along on these walks. The girls only have one stop on their walk, at the local park, where they publicly 69 each other to orgasm before returning home.

I should be disgusted by Laura's degradation but I find it arousing. I remember pretty big-breasted girls at my high school, who cockteased the boys I had crushes on, who stole their attention, who laughed at me and excluded me from their social circles. This feels like justice, watching this large-udded lesbian crying from pain in public. I feel my groin moistening again as we jog.

We come across a loose dog during our run. There is no sign of its owner. It is a large male border collie. Laura stops as she sees it. She spreads her legs and waits. After a while the dog comes over and sniffs at her pussy. Then it licks her a couple of times.

Laura moans and sinks to her knees She is crying. I remember her saying how much she hates fucking dogs. Nevertheless she is leaning over and nuzzling underneath the dog. She finds it penis and takes it into her mouth. The dog pants happily as Laura sucks its cock. After a while it begins humping against Laura's face and whining. Shortly thereafter, Laura pulls away, gasping. There is dog semen dribbling from her mouth. She turns and presents her ass to the dog, removing her butt plug and inviting it to rape her. But it only barks once, and then turns and trots away. Laura waits in that position until it is gone, and then awkwardly climbs to her feet.

I ask her about the experience. "It makes me feel subhuman," she says, still crying. "Servicing a dog's cock. But that's exactly what I deserve. I was born to serve cocks - all cocks. Otherwise why would its cum taste so good?" Later she confesses to me that she orgasmed when she felt its sperm on her tongue.

As we jog down a fairly secluded alley, I can no longer help myself. I slap Laura across the face, grab her hair, and force her to her knees. I hurriedly raise my own skirt to expose my still-pantyless cunt, and push Laura's face against my pussy. She accepts this without complaint. I grind my pussy against her face as she probes my slit with her tongue. What finally makes me orgasm is the thought of the dog cum in her mouth, and the idea that she might be even now pushing some of that cum up into my snatch with her tongue. I cum hard against her face, and then, as an afterthough, piss in her mouth as well. She drinks it.

On the way home, Laura wets herself. She just starts pissing as she jogs and lets it run down her legs. She tells me it is practice to becoming disinhibited so she can more easily humiliate herself in public. The other thing that happens is I push her over. I want to see her fall on those big, fat udders. It is every bit as good as I hoped - with her hands behind her back she is unable to protect herself and lands directly on her tits. When I help her up, there is a painful-looking gravel rash across the front of her breasts. I think that a girl's boobs have never looked so pretty to me before.


Still, I had some doubts about Laura's claim that all lesbians secretly wanted this lifestyle. After some questioning, Laura took me to meet some girls she knew in similar positions.

Bitch and Cunt are sisters. Bitch, formerly known as Candy, is the epitome of the bimbo Barbie - blonde hair, big fake tits, high heels. Her younger sister Cunt, 19 years old, is like a baby version of the same archetype - identical blonde hair and gorgeous body, but her breasts, although generous, haven't yet had implants.

Bitch and Cunt are what Laura described to me as "stupid lesbians". They had both thought they were heterosexual, until Laura raped Bitch, and then Bitch raped her sister. They had always unknowningly been lesbian sluts deep inside, Bitch told me, and once the two sisters started fucking they couldn't stop themselves from doing it all the time. Indeed, they 69ed in front of me on the floor of my house to show off. The site of the two blonde sisters writhing naked in front of me was definitely impressive.

Their play had been unsatisfying though - they were missing something, and they knew it - until they realised that they still needed men. The whole point of lezzing off was to entertain men, Cunt told me, as she knelt naked in front of me and teased my pussy with her fingers. So the two girls had deliberately seduced their father.

Now their father rapes them, beats their tits and cunt with a belt, and pisses in their mouths, and the girls have never been happier. With prompting from Laura, Bitch tells me she has never been happier than she is now, being a bimbo lesbian fuckpet for her daddy.

I rape both girls before I leave. Cunt is the better pussy-licker of the two, but Bitch's large fake melons are much more fun to hurt.


Katy, Paige, Elle, Rachael and Victoria all live with Laura's boss from work, Alistair. I meet them at the local church, where they are all dressed in conservative Sunday dresses, but their large fake tits and whorish red lipstick put a lie to the "good little Catholic girl" image. Katy is eight months pregnant, her belly bulging against her dress. The girls are sharing deep, lingering kisses on the church steps as scandalised parishioners enter the church, averting their eyes from the lesbian sluts. There is a buzzing sound and I realise that at least some of the girls have active vibrators inside them.

Katy greets me with a long kiss on the lips and tells me that all her friends used to think that lesbianism was wrong, but now they are a happy little slutty lesbo harem for Alistair. They know being a lesbian is a sin, but Alistair makes them masturbate every night to the thought of being raped and tortured by Satan in hell for eternity until they cum, so now they are just confused little sluts and they try not to think about it.

The girls take the rear pew inside the church and I sit next to them. I notice that some of the girls immediately and surreptitiously move their hands under their skirts, and I realise they are not wearing panties and that they are masturbating. The idea of these pretty lesbians masturbating in church makes me feel hot, and so I discreetly work my own panties down to my ankles and start to gently massage my pussy as the sermon starts.

The sermon is on how women should obey and respect their fathers and their husbands. The priest is a gifted speaker and everything he says sounds very reasonable. I hear Rachael orgasm quietly next to me, and then Victoria cums as well. There is a trickling sound and I look over at Paige. She is blushing as she pisses while she masturbates, the urine soaking into her church dress, pooling on the seat, and dripping onto the floor. She looks so pretty as she pisses, her cheeks flushed, her big fake tits heaving, and I want to be like her, so I start to piss as well. It feels so unreal to be urinating in public, in a church, so much so that I don't feel like myself. I feel like a little lesbian fuckdoll, maybe with a new fuckdoll name like Candy Twat or Bitch. Maybe I could be Piss Kitten. I like the sound of that name.

Rachael leans over and kisses me on the lips while I piss. It feels good. People are looking at us. I blush, but I don't stop kissing her. Later, Katy tells me that all the girls are prostitutes, and a good number of the men (and some of the women) in the congregation are their clients. The same men that whisper they are disgusting sinful sluts at church come to them at night and rape them for money. When I hear this I realise these men must think I am a prostitute too.

After the church service the girls sit there in their puddles of piss until all the congregation have filed out. Then they strip off their clothes, get down on all fours, and lick up the wetness they have produced, while the priest watches. I am initially unsure what to do, but Katy undresses me, and pushes my face down into my piss, and I start to lick. It tastes gross and I gag, but Rachael, who managed to control her bladder all service, comes around behind me and starts to finger my pussy as I lick, and that helps. I lick up all the urine like a dog.

Then the priest fucks us. Actually, he wants to fuck me, because I'm the new girl. I protest, but Katy and Elle and Paige and Victoria all hold me down, bending me over the pew, my tits hanging down, and the priest undresses and sticks his cock into my cunt. I am being raped - raped for the first time in my life. He is fucking my cunt without my consent.

When I realise this I do the most humiliating thing possible - I orgasm. I orgasm from the understanding I am being raped. I blush bright red and want to die. The priest doesn't stop fucking me, though.

Once I stop struggling, the other girls leave me to be raped and concentrate on serving the priest. Victoria kneels behind him and tongues his anus. Katy stands on the pew and offers her swollen tits for him to suck the milk from. Elle kneels in front of him, between my legs, and licks at his cock as it slides in and out of my cunt. Sometimes her tongue tickles my clit. It feels good. Rachael stands in front of me and pushes her cunt against my face, and I lick it obediently. Paige lies down on the pew to slide underneath my breasts and suckle on them.

I cum three times before the priest finally ejaculates into me. Elle licks his cum from my cunt and Katy sucks his dick clean. I realise I might be pregnant. I look at Katy with her big belly and swollen milky tits, and my cunt starts getting wet again. I put the thought from my mind.

Afterwards the priest punishes each of us for tempting him with our bodies. He asks each girl whether their tits or their cunt have been more sinful, and then gives that part of them 20 lashes with his leather belt. Katy, Paige and Elle nominate their tits as their most sinful part. Rachel and Victoria say their cunt, and spread their legs to let the leather deliver its painful kiss to their pussies.

I get whipped too, of course. Clearly it is my cunt, still dripping from our sex, that is the guilty part of me. I lie on my back with my legs spread and he belts my cunt until I start to cry. I am weeping, but on the 20th stroke I orgasm, and it is the largest, most powerful orgasm I have had in my life. It feels like my body rejoicing in finally being treated correctly. Paige laughs at me as I orgasm but afterwards she kisses me on the lips and tells me I am a good slut. Those words make me happier than I have ever felt before.


The last lesbian I talk to is Amy, a friend of Laura's who works at a research institute called the Mayim Clinic. She is a pretty redhead. She makes me undress before she will talk to me, and tells me to masturbate as she talks. I do.

"Laura is right," she tells me. "All women are lesbians - or at least all women ultimately think with their cunts, and are just as happy to have their cunt pleased by a woman - or a dog - as by a man. All women need to be controlled. They feel happier in slavery, and with proper training they experience pain and degradation as pleasure. There is no great trick to making a woman realise this - if she does not understand it by herself, she just needs to be raped until it is clear to her."

I nod, still masturbating.

"The problem is some lesbians don't understand that their sexuality exists only to enslave them for the pleasure of men. They feel sexual desire in order to make them stupid and obedient. They have sensitive cunts and tits so that men can hurt them there, to punish or reward them. If women were intended to be able to run away from men they wouldn't grow tits that flop so painfully as they jog."

I think of Laura's whorish jogging routine, her whole body and sexuality conspiring to make her pathetic and vulnerable and slutty.

"At the Mayim Clinic we run programs to help women resolve these problems, and throw off any conditioning they may have received from society about what they should and shouldn't do with their sexuality. We help them become happy and useful. You want to be happy and useful, don't you, Ingrid?"

I do. I nod. Doesn't every woman?

"Any woman who wants to become happy can come to us here at the Mayim Clinic. I'm happy to say that as a result of recent trials, we are able to go public with our services, which are fully subsidisied by generous anonymous donors. Now any woman can take our treatment and be the best version of herself."

"That sounds wonderful," I say delightedly. It feels so good to rub my pussy.

"It is," Amy tells me. "Not every woman knows she needs to be made happy, though. We're working on legislation that will make us a legal treatment for a range of mental health disorders, including lesbianism, frigidity, bitchiness, and feminism. Once it's passed the courts will be able to send a lot of unhappy women here free of charge. But in the meantime, if you know an unhappy woman, and you can't get her to see us, the best thing you can do for her is rape her repeatedly, until you see the desired behaviour change."

I nod. I understand. Being raped by the priest the other day helped me understand what I wanted from life.

"Good girl," Amy tells me, and strokes my hair. "Now, be a well-behaved slut and beg me to beat your tits and piss in your mouth."

I do. And I thank her afterwards.


As I write this, Laura is licking my pussy. My editor says he loves the story I have written him. I think he is going to rape me when I deliver it. My cunt tingles in anticipation. He says he cannot change my byline to "Piss Kitten", no matter how much I beg, unless I legally change my name to that. I think he is lying but the thought of my real name being Piss Kitten, and it being on all my ID, makes me sopping wet so I will investigate that tomorrow.

I have booked myself into the Mayim Clinic for an intensive course after I submit this article. Amy says I barely need it, that I am a natural submissive whore, and when she said that I felt so proud and happy that I almost orgasmed. She spent hours with me helping me make plans to rape and blackmail my female friends so I will have lots of people to lick my pussy all the time, and we have made a date to convert my house to something more suitable for a lesbian slut like Laura's place.

This article will be published with my full address, and Laura's as well. There are no locks on the doors. Laura and I both give our full consent to any reader to rape us.

Because it's what we deserve. Because it's what all lesbian sluts like us deserve.

- Ingrid Pellman (Piss Kitten)