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Lana gives me sexual therapy.

2023-01-22 00:20:12

A big problem for those who are young, single, hot, rich and kinky is finding an outlet for their sexual appetites but not end up in the National Enquirer, messy relationships or in secret government databases for later coercion or fundraising. The word is that well connected elites have worked with Concierge Healthcare providers who already serve them with high-end sports injury and other therapies to develop private sexual clinics that can cater to those appetites. It is true but you won't find anything on the indexed internet that will lead you to them. They are found by referral and on the un-indexed deep web.

These clinics employ Doctors in Physical Therapy (DPT) graduates who are serving their internships in Concierge Healthcare already and are provided opportunities to divide their work between Healthcare and the Clinic. When they serve in the clinic, they are paid well and able to pay down their student loans incurred to earn their DPT. The skills needed in the Clinics is not available academically but can be found on the indexed internet and in the deep web. There are limits on how far the services these Clinics can go. They can do no harm to the patient physically and cannot perform services that are illegal. Within those limits, services provided are a matter of advance planning and cost.

One old distinguished hedge fund manager wanted to have an experience as the "evaluator" in a classroom of Asian schoolgirls who had learned "The Art of the Blowjob." Each student demonstrated her skill. The best student was selected to finish him while the others watched. A "classroom" had been set up and youthful looking Asian interns of legal age were recruited from throughout the Clinic system, flown in first class and stayed in high-end rooms and suitably prepared for the session. The cost of for the session was nearly $80,000, but it made 8 girls, one old man, the Clinic and the providers of logistics very happy and it was how he wanted to spend his money.

The clients of Clinics are referrals and repeats. Prospective clients are checked out before a business relationship is established. Then they complete un-headed service orders online detailing what services they. Once approved, they will be given choices of appointment dates, a cost for the session(s) in previously circulated, non- consecutive currency and a legal disclaimer for possible medical consequences of the service; all presented upon arrival. The service order is assigned to a therapist, who has ample time prior to the appointment to research the services including acquiring any devices needed and to learn the skills to use them. On the appointment day, the Client is picked up at an agreed location and brought to the clinic, located in an innocuous strip office suite.

I had set up two sessions. This one was the milder of the two. What I wanted could easily have been done by a sympathetic girl friend (plenty of those when you are well off) but I wanted my services to be done professionally at a therapy-level with the utmost skill and I did not want to introduce them to any relationships which could compromise them. Also, there is always the risk later exposure and blackmail, as we have seen in the news, lately. Too many men have the careers harmed by enterprising women who consented freely at the time and even signed non-disclosure agreements only to suddenly change their minds when a potential payday shows itself. If this session went well, I'd be back in a couple of weeks for the more exotic one.

When I arrived, I was greeted by a receptionist and the therapist assigned to me. I handed the receptionist my envelope of cash and the form, received a brief orientation and then was escorted to my session-room where I could bathe and otherwise prepare. A white, Turkish towel robe was laid out for me in the bathroom. Several minutes later, my therapist arrived and sat waiting until I was finished freshening up. She introduced herself as Lana. She was East Asian, early 30's, slim, with short-ish hair and wearing a traditional nurse's uniform, a small concession to my fantasy even though she is a doctor. She didn't look sexy or seductive, just attractive, warm and cheerful.

She had wheeled in a tray with the devices on it, needed for my session. There was also a bottle of Jim Beam Black bourbon, an Irish Crystal glass and a plastic bowl with ice in it. I had included these on my service order. Lana asked if I wanted anything before mu session started. I said that would like a glass of bourbon on ice. She poured it for me and I sat in a comfortable chair and sipped it while Lana wheeled her tray over to the bedside and laid out the devices on the bedside table.

Two of them were medical stirrups used for gynecological/urological exams. She mounted them on the sleeves on both sides of the bed. There was a heart monitor standing beside the bed, which was already switched on. A heart monitor? I guess it was because of my age (62) and because I asked to be edged to the strongest orgasm possible. This must have been safety precaution in case my orgasm was more powerful than I could manage and they had to call the EMT, who was on duty in the building for me and other clients.

Lana asked me if I was ready for my first session. I sipped the remainder of my drink (nice little buzz on an empty stomach) and said that I was. She walked me over to the bed, helped me off with the robe and had me lay down, naked, on the bed. She handed me a remote control to adjust the bed to my comfort, which I did while she placed small wireless telemetry on my chest and ankles for the heart monitor. It began beginning to beep softly, measuring my heart rate and blood pressure. She lifted my legs, placed them in the stirrups and applied the soft bindings. She told me these were not full restraints. I could pull my legs out if I "really needed to". They were for reactions I might get during the session.

Lana checked her detail sheet, reviewing the routine. To my surprise, she asked me if I would like her to take off her top. I said that I would and she pulled it off over her head, folded it neatly and placed it on a nearby chair. Her breasts were barely over size A, with no crease beneath and her skin was a rich, warm light brown. Her quarter-sized areolas were dark brown, with raspberry sized nipples that had little dimples in the middle of them. I could not help but to reach over and cup one of them, lovely, warm and soft in my hand. She gave me a faint smile.

Lana picked up a plastic medicine syringe of personal lube and expelled it into my anus. It had been chilled and the sensation of it inside was cool, pleasant and mildly arousing. Then she reached to the table and retrieved the sonic wave prostate massager I had requested. It was different from the devices you can buy from sex toy sites. The ultrasonic waves are powerfully intense rather than just an annoying buzz. It delivers the waves in pinpoint accuracy from a narrow tip at the end of a half inch wide, 6 inch long shaft. It had settings for power, speed and patterns that she could adjust with a hand-held remote control.

Lana gently inserted it straight into my anus, slick with lube, in several short pushes, until it was most of the way in. Then she switched on the device on. It was on the lowest settings and all I felt was a slight continuous hum. She looked me in the eyes and playfully turned the power up a ways for a couple of seconds and I let out a gasp. The hum became a strong push. I felt an immediate twitching in my anus, my stomach muscles tightened and my legs jerked a bit in the stirrups. Then he turned it back down to a moderate setting, grinning. I had just gotten small preview of what was coming. There might be a little "Dom" in her. I thought.

Then she gradually turned up the power again and asked me to tell her when she had gone high enough. When I began to feel a mild clenching down inside, like Kegeling but involuntary and could feel humming throughout my anus, penis and balls, I said that was good. Lana proceeded to set the speed and pattern to my liking. Although I probably could not cum from this, my penis started to stiffen and drool precum. I also began to feel a need to pee, even though I had before the session started. I told Lana that I thought I might need to pee. She reached for a hand towel from her tray and placed it on the bed beside me.

Lana then began to rock the handle back and forth, moving the humming tip of the device against my prostate. Each time she did that, I felt a surge of pleasure and precum pushed out visibly. Now I really needed to pee and Lana saw me squirm a little. She looked me in the eyes again and raised the power all the way up for barely a second. I felt a surge of panic and breathed out strongly. My body bent up, my ankles pulled against sides of the bindings and out came a brief stream of pee, which I had been trying to hold in. It felt like a hand had squeezed my bladder! Lana blotted it up with the hand towel, smiling broadly. Yep. She had a taste for Dom. No wonder she accepted these assignments! She'll have a field day on me when I come back for the second, I thought.

Then Lana slid the device straight in all the way to the seminal vesicles, which expel fluid through the ejaculatory ducts into the prostate at orgasm. Her new routine was now rocking the handle back on the way out, raking the seminal vesicles, ejaculatory ducts and prostate. She did this for a few minutes and saw that I was hard as a rock. My entire penis glistened with precum, flowing out of the now puckered hole. I felt like I was going to cum, which I had never done from anal play. I felt a clench-release, clench-release, clench-release with each rocking to sliding out. I felt hotness and movement as fluid, now poured out of my penis on each out-stroke. It wasn't just precum now. It had turned thick and opaque, mixing with semen. Lana was milking semen out of me without ejaculating!

Lana was watching the heart monitor and looked at her detail sheet. She could see my heart rate rising and began to synchronize her rocking and sliding, faster and slower to edge me but not let me rise all the way to ejaculation. I really, really wanted to cum now and could have even if she had even just blown air on my penis. Then she stopped moving the device and turned it down a bit so I could relax and catch my breath for a bit. I closed my eyes and settled down. Even so I had wanted to hold off a little longer but I still felt like I was going to explode! So what the hell. This was it. I'd had enough! I told Lana, "Please!! I want to cum NOW! She toyed with me and asked me: "Are you sure?" I said: "Gawd, YESS!"

The routine she had intended was to add stroking my penis when I was ready to cum. But instead, she leaned over and began sucking, bobbing and stroking on my hard, flooding penis. She must have changed this on her own impulse. Lana turned the power of the device way up and rocked it faster while she bobbed, sucked and stroked as fast as she could. My arousal skyrocketed and everything below my waist twitched and hummed overwhelmingly from the device in unison. I let out one huge breath and started ejaculating. I arched and thrusted. My ankles pulled strongly against the bindings as she continued to suck, stroke and bob like it was lifesaving water filling her mouth. I was close to blacking out!

Then she pulled off and I laid pearlescent lines of semen up my belly and chest. She was pressing the device against my prostate aligned with my orgasm contractions which made each one shoot and feel literally hot. Then they stopped. Lana slipped out the device and I just lay there out of breath. I still had my hand on her little breast as I had all the way through.. Her areola had scrunched up and her nipple had become long and thick. Lana reached for a small paper cup, spit my semen into it and showed it to me as in "See what I did?", smiling broadly. There was a lot of it and she was clearly happy with herself. Then she drank it back up and swallowed it.

Lana then went to the bathroom and rinsed out her mouth. When she came back, her breath smelled like Scope. She let my legs out of the stirrups down onto the bed, removed the telemetry from my chest and legs and mopped me up with a warm wet hand towel she brought back from the bathroom. I was in a daze. Lana retrieved my glass, filled it with ice and bourbon, set it on the table beside me and walked to the door. She turned, grinned and said “See you next time!” I reached for my drink, took a few swallows, rolled over and napped for a half hour, even though everything down there was still buzzing from the experience.

When I awoke, my robe and clothes were laid out on the side table. Lana’s tray and the devices were gone. I showered, dried for a while, finishing my drink and got dressed. As I headed out through the lobby, Lana and the receptionist were standing behind the counter. As I passed by, they said “Thaaannk You!” in unison, like servers did as I was leaving the Chinese Buffet I ate at a lot. I thought that was cute. I enjoyed what happened there that day and felt good, even grateful for the experience. I had a second appointment already scheduled for something more exotic. I’d count the days until I returned.