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Robin Gets introduced to BO

2022-11-13 20:41:12

Robin Gets Introduced to Bo
by bodaciousbob ©
Previously in “Robin goes to the Big House” Robin is whisked away from her dismal career in show business by her new friend Tanya

Once we went through the locked gate we drove what seemed like a long time. I had no idea that estates such as this even existed, much less that I would ever get to visit one. I couldn’t imagine anyone having such a secluded and large home and that I would be invited to it. Maybe my life was changing for the better. I soon learned that it was definitely changing.

We finally arrived at the front of the large house and Tanya parked the Mercedes in the circular drive. Without even taking the keys out of it she jumped out and I followed along behind her scared of getting lost if she left me.

We went inside this mammoth entranceway and wandered around what seemed like a labyrinth of rooms.

Tanya finally took me into one that was obviously a bedroom and said,” Throw your stuff here. You won’t need it.”

I did what she said. I couldn’t ask any questions as my mouth was hanging open at the sight of all the opulence around me.

“Come on. There is someone I want you to meet.”

Without waiting for a reply she led me down, what seemed like an endless hall and into a very large bedroom. It was dimly lit on the inside with just a little light filtering in from the sheer curtains drawn across glass doors that made up all of one side of the room. Through one of those doors I could make out a pool with what looked like a few people laying in chaise lounges around it. I could not make out how many or whether they were male or female since the curtains cut the visibility down to almost nothing.

As my eyes got use to the dim light I could make out this huge bed at the other side of the large room. It was a big four poster. I mean really big and I thought that a dozen people could sleep in it comfortably. I had no idea how little sleeping actually went on it.

Tanya led me up to the side of the bed and said to a figure laying in it,” Bo this is Robin, the girl I was telling you about.”

I could just barely make out the person she was talking to. He was a man lying there and he looked like he was very large and fat. After a minute I realized that he wasn’t fat at all but there was someone else laying in the bed with him with their two bodies so close together it looked like on large one. It was at this point that I began to think that I might have gotten in over my head. Who receives guests while lying with someone in bed?

The figure next to the man stirred and sat up and I realized it was a woman. And she was naked under the covers. Actually she was out from under the covers and moving across the room before I made this entire thing out. She was a blonde and very nude but very much at ease with her nudity. She left us, walking across the room in an unhurried manner and went into one of the rooms that adjoined onto this massive bedroom.

“Bring her over here so I can have a better look,” a deep voice ordered from the bed.

With that Tanya took hold of my hand and led me closer. The lights came up a bit and I could see that the man in the bed was also naked with just the sheet covering his loins. I was thinking that this was way too weird. But I was so stunned that I just followed Tanya’s lead and stood closer to the bed.

“Very pretty,” the man said.

Tanya said, “Robin this is Bo. Bo-Robin.”

I couldn’t answer. All I could do was stare at this man who thought it was okay to greet people in the nude.

“Let’s see the rest of her,” Bo commanded.

“Take off you clothes, Sweetie,” Tanya said. I didn’t answer because I knew she couldn’t be talking to me.

When I didn’t move or answer Tanya said, “Take off your blouse, Robin.”

Snapping out of my trance like state I had enough presence of mine to say,” What? Are you serious?”

“Well of course I am. Here I will go first.” And with that Tanya undid the last remaining buttons of her silk blouse and let it slide off of her shoulders. Her rather large breasts were brown all over obviously from spending a lot of time nude in the sun. She undid the button and the zipper of her mini skirt and that fell into a heap at her feet. She kicked it off of her feet and left it on the floor. As I had suspected, she wasn’t wearing any underwear at all.

She just stood there in the buff like it was the most natural thing in the world. Even in my state of shock I had to admire what was her amazingly fit and shapely body. I had always thought that she had a boob job but now seeing her naked I realized that she just had spectacular natural boobs. They had just enough sag to them to look natural and full. The nipples were set high and the surrounding aureoles were almost the same color as her breasts.

I could not help but notice that her pubic area was completely shaved and it too was as tanned as the rest of her. Where her long, brown legs came together there was just the top of her slit showing with no pubic hair to interrupt the view. With here brown tresses cascading around her shoulders to frame her beautiful face she could take someone’s breath away. Especially nude.

“Now see. You are the only one left with clothes on. So let’s take them off.”

She came over and had started to unbutton the top button of my blouse before I came to my senses enough to push her hand away.

“I am not taking my clothes off and I think you should take me back where you found me. I don’t know what you think I am but I don’t undress on command in front of someone I just met,” I said in my most stern voice.

“Of course you do, Honey. You just may need a little help,” replied Tanya.

And before I knew what she was doing or where she got them from she had handcuffs on my hands. This shocked me so much that I could not even offer up resistance when she hooked the handcuffs to a cable that apparently went up into the ceiling. In a second she had me trussed up and was operating a foot switch that was taking my hands up above my head. I started to struggle and kick and scream but Tanya and Bo just watched me in my helplessness.

She continued to hoist me up until my toes no longer touched the floor and my sandals fell off. I kicked and screamed with renewed vigor but with less result as my feet no longer touched the floor and I was tiring from my efforts.

When I had quieted a bit Tanya went over to a table and picked something up. She came back to where I was hanging and when I saw what she had I screamed even more. It was a knife and it looked very sharp and very long. I thought she was going to kill me with it.

“Shush now,” She almost cooed. “This is not going to hurt at all.”

With that she raised the knife to my blouse and started to cut the buttons off one by one in no apparent hurry. I quit bellowing, as there obviously wasn’t any one around to offer any aid. Instead I watched her as she cut away the fasteners on my blouse. Looking down at what she was doing tears began to fall on my chest, the first indication that I had been crying.

Once she got the buttons cut off she pulled the tails of my blouse out of my shorts. The blouse fell open showing a glimpse of my bra-encased breasts. Without a sound and seemingly little concern for my garment, Tanya cut the sleeves up to my neck and the entire garment fell away. Now the only thing keeping me from being topless was my lacy white bra.

That didn’t last long as with a quick flick of the rather sharp knife Tanya cut the strap holding my bra cups together. They fell to each side as my breasts came into view, heaving with my recent exertions. Another couple of snips and the shoulder straps were gone and the bra fell into a heap at my feet.

Tanya stepped aside to offer Bo a better view.

“What do you think?” She asked as though they were picking out steaks at the butcher.

My nipples betrayed me as they began to harden under this strange man’s scrutiny. My mounds were creamy colored on the top from days by the pool and the covered parts were milky white. Stark contrast to Tanya’s all over tan.

Tanya reached down and unbuttoned the top of my shorts.

“Please don’t,” I moaned in a pitiful little voice.

She acted like she didn’t even hear me and unzipped the front of my shorts. She gave them a sharp tug to free them from around my hips. When they didn’t move as much as she wanted, she took the knife and placing the blade under the waistband cut them down to the end of the leg on each side. Now they too fell away.

With only my white high cut panties left on I was as good as naked. The panties were molded to my crotch leaving very little of my charms to the imagination. Thinking that this would be enough to satisfy them, I was wrong.

Tanya once again went to my waistband and with quick snips cut it through on both sides. The material fell away from my body and I clenched my thighs as hard as I could hoping to hang onto the only scrap of clothing I had left on my body. Tanya reached down and with one quick tug yanked them from between my legs.

Once again she stood back so that Bo could get a better view.

“You have done nicely, Tanya. She is everything you said she would be.”

It made me wonder how long they had been planning to take me captive and do this to me.

Turn her around so I can see her backside.”

Tanya slowly rotated me so that my exposed cheeks and back were now towards Bo.

“Very nice indeed,” was his only comment.

I had a good butt, I knew from constantly using the stair stepper at the apartment’s gym. My legs were long and tawny colored from sunbathing and my back was smooth and muscular. I knew that my tan lines were unsightly and thought it odd that I should even think this given the current situation.

Tanya rotated me back around until I faced Bo. He took his time looking me up and down spending considerable time on my fur covered slit. I had never felt this naked even in the doctor’s office.

“She will do nicely,” Bo said after some time.

“Robin, Bo wants to have sex with you,” Tanya told me a mater of fact voice.

“You have got to be kidding me!” I exclaimed. I couldn’t believe the nerve of this man thinking that I would have sex with him just because he wanted it. Especially after the way he just treated me.

“Now, now dear. You will have sex with someone and it just as soon be Bo. You aren’t a virgin are you?”

“What! Of course not!” I lied.

“Well then it will just be that much easier for you. And if by chance you are a virgin Bo can be very gentle with first timers.”

“Fuck all of you,” I screamed using that word for probably the first time in my life.

“No dear. It is you that is going to be fucked. You can put up a fight or go along willingly but the end result will be the same.”

“There is no way I am doing anything with that man or any other until I decide to. So just go screw yourself.” I was running out of good sexual intercourse words, not having had a lot of practice using them.

“Well okay. I will take that as a ‘no’” Bo said. “But maybe Tami can change your mind”

With that he leaned over from his bed and spoke softly into a microphone next to his bed. In a moment the very same woman who had been in his bed when I came in reentered. Now she was dressed in a very tight Lycra bottom and a sports bra. I hadn’t noticed when she walked out but she was muscular in a way that only people who work out a lot are muscular. She was maybe 5 foot 8, blond with green eyes and quite pretty. She had rather small breasts but they were round and looked like they were hard.

“Tami, try to convince our new friend Robin that she should do as she is asked. But go gently as she is new and quite likely a virgin.” This from Bo in a tone that almost sounded bored with the proceedings.

Tami walked over to a cabinet on the wall and opened it exhibiting an array of whips of every shape and size. She looked over the selection carefully before selecting one of the smaller and lighter ones that had many short strands coming out of the handle.

“Noooo,” I pleaded getting a good idea of what came next.

Tanya moved away and went to lay in the bed with Bo. Tami took up a position behind me and out of my view except for her reflection from a mirror in the wall. I watched in fascination as she reached back and brought the whip against my back as though it was happening to someone else.

The pain went through me like a fire. This was definitely not happening to someone else. Before I had finished screaming the next stroke landed further down on my backside. I screamed in pain and before I had gotten this out another stroke landed again on the meaty part of my buttocks.

No one was making a sound in the room except for me. Tanya had cuddled up with Bo in the bed and Tami was intent on whipping the skin off of me. The only sound was the whoosh of the whip, the crack of it against my skin and my screech of pain. I knew that the whip was cutting my tender skin in a thousand places and that I must be bleeding profusely through these cuts.

Tami layered on stripe after stripe on my buttocks seemingly having found the spot she was looking for. Each one layered more pain on top of the other until my entire butt felt like it was a glowing fire. When I didn’t think I could scream any more or even feel any more pain there, she stopped.

“Thank you,” I murmured to no one in particular. My head hung down with my blond hair in strings all around my face. The back of my body just burned with pain. My arms and shoulders ached where they had been taking the full weight of my body and although the handcuffs were padded my wrists also ached where they had my hands bound. I noticed that I was crying again as tears were falling onto my naked breasts.

Tami moved around to my front where I could see what she was doing more clearly. She still had the whip in her hand and was studying the front of my nude body. All of sudden the realization of what she was going to do hit me and I started begging for mercy.

“Please don’t do it. Please, please please,” I blubbered crying harder now at my helpless situation and the pain that I was about to have inflicted upon me.

The first stroke caught me right under my full breasts. While my butt had some padding on it, the front of my torso was all skin and muscles, which offered little in the way of protection. The pain of the first stroke made my world turn dark for a second and then I screamed until my lungs were empty and my body just quivered with the exertion of it. I looked down and saw the angry welts on the upper part of my torso and the lower roundness of my breasts. Somehow seeing the results of the lashing made it all that much harder to bear.

I blubbered even more pleading for any kind of mercy. It did no good. The next lash caught me right across my taut tummy and I no longer had the energy to scream. I just gritted my teeth and cried like a baby with the tears running down between my breasts, the salt from them making the fresh lash marks sting even more.

The next one was across my pelvis and seeing it coming from Tami’s strong arm just made it hurt in anticipation. With the track she was taking I knew that the next one would be across my exposed down covered mound and the thought of it made me lose control of my bladder.

It then struck me in my pain-fogged mind that nothing could be worse than this. They were surely going to beat me to ribbons if I did not agree to have sex with Bo. With that realization I decided that my virginity and honor would not do me much good if they killed me or worse yet turn me into a scarred freak.

“I’ll do it,” I mumbled almost in a whisper but not fast enough to avoid the lash across my tender mons. At this point I could only twitch with the pain as I was out of any more energy. My world darkened. Thankfully.

I came to some time later. It could have been seconds, minutes, hours. Since everyone was in the same position I had last seen them in, I suspect it was minutes. Tami was standing there with her hands on her hips and did not look like she was readying herself for another stroke. Bo and Tanya were still on the bed but now the covers were pulled back and I could see that Tanya was slowly stroking his enlarged cock.

Somehow I focused on his manhood as it was at the root of all of my trouble. Granted that I had not seen a lot of these things in their natural state but this one looked like it was longer and larger than it should have been. Tanya seemed perfectly at ease stroking it slowly down its entire length and Bo seemed perfectly at ease with letting her do it, hardly seeming to notice.

“What did you say?” Bo asked me now that I was semi conscious.

I just stared at what Tanya was doing to him and mumbled, “I’ll do it.”

“Do what?” Bo demanded.

“Let you do me,” I replied.

“Let me do what to you?” Bo asked surely just trying to complete my humiliation.

“I will let you have sex with me,” I said with the tears starting to run anew down my ravaged body.

“You mean like fuck you”, he asked.


“Go on and say it,” he demanded.

I just cried at how my life had taken this turn for the worse. A few hours ago I was a hopeful albeit unemployed actress with my young life ahead of me. By taking the wrong turn, I was now a totally humiliated sex slave to a man I had just met. My body was on fire with a recent beating, urine was running down my leg, and my mind was about to leave me. But the will to live is a strong one and I did the only thing I could to ensure that I had a chance to live through the rest of this day.

“I will let you fuck me,” I replied looking him straight in the eyes with as much dignity and defiance as I could muster given my predicament.

“Very well then. I knew you would come around eventually and I am glad we did not have to use sterner measures. Tami take her away and clean her up.”

Tami put down her whip and came over to me and started to lower me. As my feet reached the floor my legs just buckled under me not able to support me. Tami undid my handcuffs and picked me up in her arms with no apparent effort. Even in my painful state I was in awe with how strong she was to lift me as though I was a baby.

She carried me through the doorway that she had left through just a little earlier. As she did so I noticed Tanya shift her position on the bed. She started to apply her mouth to Bo’s erection as Tami carried me from the room. How she could even consider doing that was beyond me.

Tami took me into another suite of rooms that looked like showers, clothes closets, saunas, and make up rooms. Once again the size and opulence of this estate struck me.

Tami carried me over to a small Jacuzzi that was full of water and bubbling with a foamy surface. I whimpered as she lowered me effortlessly into it thinking that the warm water would send another screaming bolt of pain through my whip torn bottoms. Surprisingly the water was very soothing and I was relieved to be in a place that was warm, comfortable and with my body out of public view.

Once Tami saw that I wasn’t going to slide under the surface she took a position on the end of the tub. With her rather muscular legs on either side of me she started to massage my neck and shoulders. As she touched me I winced.

“Its okay baby,” she said in a husky voice making me aware that this was the first time I had heard her speak. “The worse is over now.”

While I had no reason to trust her, I was so sore that I was willing to believe in any respite that she wanted to talk about. She picked up a movable showerhead, adjusted the spray the way she wanted it, and then began to wet my blond hair. She took a bottle of shampoo and started to wash my stringy hair, slowly, almost lovingly. I couldn’t believe that my recent tormentor was now doing something as selfless and loving as washing my hair. I let her. The turbulent water was having a soothing effect on my body and I did not have enough energy to voice any complaints.

She took the showerhead and rinsed my hair and then applied some conditioner and took her time slowly rubbing it in. I don’t know how long all of this took but it must have been a while because I was beginning to feel much better with the stinging on my but and tummy almost gone.

“Feel better, baby,” Tami asked working on my hair.

I realized that I had fallen asleep and that we had been in the Jacuzzi for some time. Not wanting to anger her and because it was mostly true I said, “I feel much better, thanks.”


“Will there be any scaring?” It was a question that had been on my mind since the first whip mark had landed on me.

Tami laughed a husky laugh. “Of course not, Sweety. Bo would never do anything that would scar one of his ladies. That whipping I gave you was painful but when you get out of this Jacuzzi you will hardly even have a red mark on your body. It is such a lovely body we wouldn’t want to do anything to spoil it.”

I was beginning to wonder if Tami was a lesbian with designs on my body.

“What is this place I have been brought to,” I asked. Certainly this wasn’t your normal big estate. There was something really weird going on here and I was now part of it.

“Well young lady, you have definitely stepped through the looking glass into a strange and wonderful place. Not many young ladies are invited here and once they are here for a while none want to leave. I can assure you that you are about to embark on remarkable journey.” Having rinsed the conditioner out of my hair Tami was now towel drying it.

“But who is this Bo guy and why does he want to defile me?” I asked as the obvious next question.

“Bo is a powerful, rich and wonderful man. He really doesn’t want to defile you. It is more like he wants your sexual awakening to be an experience like you would never get anywhere else. Trust me, when he is done with you, you will be one powerful sexual creature and from that will come a happiness that very few ever achieve.”

I snorted quietly in disbelieve. While I had led a fairly prudish life, I knew when a guy wanted to get into my pants. Cripes! Bo had just come out and said it. And he had beaten me until I had agreed to it. I was more than a little skeptical.

Tami picked up on my indication of disbelief and said,” The women you see around here are totally dedicated to Bo’s happiness and he is devoted to ours. Any one of us would do anything for him. Anything! If he had asked me to murder you I would have without even blinking. On the other hand, he would never ask me or anyone to do such a thing. I have never seen him do anything to anyone that would even leave a permanent mark.”

“But why me? He has you and Tanya and God only knows how many beautiful women already. Why does he want to mess with me?”

Tami thought on this for a second and said, “It is because it is what he does. I know you are having a tough time with this right now knowing that he wants to take your virginity after having you beaten. But we have all been in the exact same spot you find yourself in and we are now totally devoted to him. You just have to do one thing: Exactly what Bo says. I know that you will have trouble with trusting him that much, we all did, but it is the way to true happiness here. Consider yourself lucky that you have been chosen.”

Lucky my butt was what I was thinking. Some whacked out brain washed cult members had obviously taken me prisoner. Although Tami seemed sincere in her devotion I vowed that I would fight to get free of this place at every turn. There was no way I was going to turn over my life to Bo or any other man, however much Tami sang his praise.

As though reading my mind Tami said,” I know you don’t believe any of what I am saying and you will fight it for a while. Heck we all did at the beginning. Me in particular. When I first got here I went through days of some of the disciplinary training that you just went through. I honestly wanted him to kill me, not knowing that that was never an option. I eventually came around and now I have been here longer than any of the other girls. I will never leave unless Bo tells me I must.”

She had finished drying my hair and made me sit up in the Jacuzzi a little further so that she could use a hair dryer on it. When my upper body came out of the water I looked immediately at my lower breast and upper torso to assess the damage her whip had done to me. While I had expected to see broken skin, I was surprised to see that there was only a quickly disappearing red mark that was now only barely visible. It still hurt a bit but the burning sensation there and on my buttocks had all but disappeared. I cupped my breasts to get a better look at the undersides of them and the very tender flesh here was unmarked.

Seeing the look of disbelief on my face Tami said,” It is what you are soaking in that makes the redness go away so fast. It is something that one of Bo’s companies has developed and it is remarkable. Even when you haven’t been beaten you will want to bathe in this stuff. It does wonders for ones skin. Look at mine.”

Tami got out of the tub and stood next to it and yanked up her sports bra exposing her smallish but firm tits. They were like perfect cones on her well-conditioned chest with little pink nipples and small aureoles. They were like the breasts of a sixteen-year-old, firm with a large base.

Completely unselfconscious she rolled down her shorts and down her muscular legs. She had a very light tan and it was easy to see that she sunbathed. She was completely shaven in her pubic area with a well-developed mound and a fat pussy showing between her rounded thighs. She spun around, nude and with her hands above her head, showing me her backside. She had the most muscular and well develop back I had ever seen on a woman. She also had a very small waist. I doubt that it was 22 inches around. But her most remarkable attribute was her butt. Firm and high and almost perfectly round in all directions. Her skin was only lightly tanned and she had almost alabaster skin where her suit had covered her when she had been outside. Her skin was completely flawless: not a freckle, mark or scar and it was tight on her firm body.

She turned back to me and said,” What do you think?” as though she had to fish for a compliment.

My mouth had fallen open again from her uninhibited manner and the spectacular body she was showing to me. I had always taken pride in my god given charms but this woman was truly blessed. I was completely astonished by her body and how willing she was to show it to me. I guess I may have been more inclined to show mine off if it looked as good as hers.

“Well you look marvelous, Tami. Of that there is no doubt.”

“That’s what living here for twenty years will get you,” she said going into one of the adjoining closets and coming out with a blue silk robe.

“You have lived here for twenty years,” I exclaimed. Before I could stop myself I blurted out, "How old are you?” I would have guessed that she was her early twenties but unless she had come here when she was a toddler that didn’t add up.

“I am thirty-eight” She replied as she slipped into the short robe and tightened the sash around her wasp like waist.

My mouth fell open even further as I sat upright in the Jacuzzi. I was totally blown away by that as this woman had the body of a young woman in the peak of health. If she was thirty-eight with the breasts of a teenager she was truly remarkable.

Seeing the look of disbelief on my face she repeated,” Yeah 38. And this is all me. I haven’t had my body altered at all by surgery. Well except for having some laser hair removal down here.” With this she pulled open the bottom of her short robe to show me the denuded lips of her fat firm pussy. “Bo insists that we all stay clean shaven there and a laser is the only way to solve that problem for good. Of course I never had much there, as I really am a blond. But it was a bother waxing my little fuzz off.”

“But the point is that that the stuff you are soaking in does wonders for ones skin. You can see already that the lash marks are gone. Keep using it and you will be delighted with the results.”

With that she moved back to drying my hair, brushing it out and making it look really nice.

“Time to get out,” she said offering up a large terry clothe towel for me to wrap up in. I stood up and was surprised that the weakness had gone out of my legs. My skin did glisten with water and I quickly wrapped the towel around my nakedness. Tami may have liked showing off her body but not this girl.

Tami got another towel and dried my shoulders. “Shave or wax,” she asked.

“What?” I asked not understanding her question.

“Do you want your bush shaved or waxed? Laser removal would be best in the long run but it will make you too sore for the next few days and I believe Bo is probably going to make you sore enough there for the next couple of days. She said this so matter-of-factly I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I still had not bought into Bo having his way with my sex and I certainly wasn’t going to shave myself nude for his pleasure.

“I think I will pass on that if you don’t mind,” was all I could say in response.

The change in her manner was so dramatic and sudden that it was scary. Up to now we had been like two sisters helping each other get ready for the prom. In a second she had transformed herself into Tami the Terrible, capable of beating someone into submission.

“Robin,” she said in a humorless voice. “This is not negotiable. So you can help me do this willingly or I can do it for you however unwilling you are.”

She scared me with that and she certainly looked like she could pull each of my pubic hairs out individually if she wanted to.

“Shaved”, was all I could say thinking that I should pick my battles with this well built crazy woman.

“A good choice. The wax thing hurts too much too.” With that she led me over to stool and had me sit down. She pull the up the robe until it was around my waist and then pushed my knees apart so that she could look right at my sex.

I was just a little uneasy as no one but my doctor had had this view of my genitals. Tami didn’t seem the least put out as she surveyed the work ahead of her. I did keep my bushed trimmed into a runway cut but this obviously was not going to meet the requirements.

I sat quietly as Tami went to a cabinet and got a battery powered clipper, shaving cream and a razor.

“This won’t take long,” she said as she started up the clippers and gave me a quick trim of my blond tuff. She smeared some shaving cream onto her hand and then rubbed it all over my pubic area and pussy lips. I was not use to having someone touch me there and I tensed up as she did it.

“Relax will you. I can let you do it if you would like but it is much easier for me to do it for you. Besides I like to do it.”

Definitely a lesbian I thought.

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